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I am over 90 kg / 200 lbs, can I still participate?

Unfortunately no. We fly people with a body weight of min. 30 kg / 65 lbs to max. 90 kg / 200 lbs. There is no margin of tolerance here, due to safety and liability. The weight limits must be strictly observed!

What's the considerations with children?

We fly with kids from the age of 6 with a minimum weight of 30 kg / 65 lbs. Due to the lower weight, flights with passenger below < 45 kg / 100 lbs can only take place during smooth air conditions in the morning. Solely the first date of the day is suitable for this purpose (time varies). Minors need the written consent form of their legal guardians (contract of carriage).

What's the age limit?

Max. 75 years.

Do I have to be physically fit?

The launch requires physical agility and a few quick running steps on sloping terrain. You don’t need to be an athlete – a basic level of fitness is enough. Experience has shown that older people sometimes find it difficult to cope with the physical demands. In the case of any health problems we advise to consult your doctor beforehand. Unfortunately, participation is not possible with severe obesity or physical limitation.

Do flight dates have to be booked in advance?

Yes. The number of available flights is limited. We recommend booking as soon as possible, especially if you have a specific date in mind. During the holidays from June until September, it is high season with a waiting time of one to two weeks.

Can I fly with my partner at the same time?

Yes. Simultaneous flights for couples is daily business for us. If two flights are booked for the same date (day/time), they will take place simultaneously. Flight dates for couples and groups should be booked well in advance.

What is included?

✓ technical flight gear
✓ liability insurance

✗ cable car ticket (mountain ascent)
✗ Foto & Video Service (optional)

In which weather conditions do we fly and when not?

Paragliding is very weather-dependent. We fly in all weather conditions that allow a safe flight. Whether the sun is shining or the sky is cloudy does not matter. The wind may not be too strong and the wind direction must be suitable. We do not fly in rain or the risk of thunderstorms.

What is the best time of year to fly?

Winter, spring, summer or autumn – the flight experiences can be as diverse as the seasons themselves. Though paragliding in Allgäu/Bavaria has a special charm throughout the year.

Snow-white peaks, peaceful mountain landscapes, crystal clear skies – that is the winter in Allgäu/Bavaria seen from above. The low standing sun creates a fascinating play of light and especially the calm flying conditions, with the air mostly still, is what turns winter flights into pure pleasure.

The last snow together with the freshly blossoming of nature – spring bestows us with especially varied views onto the mountain and lake scape of the Allgäu region. At this colourful time of year the air is becoming more alive and offers us the opportunities for more extensive flights.

The warmth of the sun in your face and a cool air stream stroking your skin. Now the thermal winds fully come alive und the skies are painted by many colourful paraglider. Due to the holidays June to September is our main and busiest season. Make sure to book your adventure as soon as possible!

Stoked by the colors, we float on the calm autumn air through golden yellow light. Clouds and mist create magical moments in the sky. Combined with a hike to the top of the mountain, the subsequent flight back to the valley promises pure relaxation! Our flight season ends mid of October.

What should I wear?

Ideally we recommend that you wear what you would for hiking in the mountains. Hiking boots, for stability and a secure grip on alpine terrain. Trekking trousers or jeans, a warming midlayer, windbreaker, gloves, sunglasses.

I wear glasses, is that a problem?

No, that’s not a problem at all. On the contrary, we generally recommend wearing sunnies/glasses to protect your eyes from the altitude sun and the airstream during the flight (approx. 40 km/h).

What to do if I suffer motion sickness?

Do not fly with a full stomach! If you are aware of travel sickness we recommend taking a travel tablet in advance. Please communicate any feeling of discomfort prior or during the flight to your pilot.

Can I take a camera?

Compact cameras or smart phones can be carried along, as long as they are secured tightly. Before the flight this has to be discussed with the pilot in charge. Please do not bring DSLR cameras, interchangeable lenses or telescopic lenses. Here we recommend our PHOTO & VIDEO SERVICE.

Where can I store my luggage?

At our Landing Bar (meeting point Tegelberg) you can safely store your luggage during your flight.

Do you accept vouchers from Jochen Schweizer, mydays, … ?

No, we do not accept any vouchers from third party suppliers.

How do I get from Füssen train station to the meeting point Tegelberg?

10 minutes trip

Available on site at the station or by phone: Taxi Zentrale Füssen +49 8362 6222.

25 minutes trip

The bus station is right next to the train station. The bus lines 73 and 78 run regularly in the direction of Schwangau/Hohenschwangau/Neuschwanstein and Tegelberg (our flying site and meeting point). Please hop off the bus at the stop Schwangau Tegelbergbahn.